Chaplain’s Report

Sunshine and Rain

A little Rain must fall…

Please keep in your Prayers, the following members of our Senate Family:

To all members and families that suffered damage from Hurricane Ian

To all of our members that have been under the weather.

Peggy Sewell that she has complete healing form her back surgery.

Ken Clements who is having some health issues currently.

Cecil and Bianca have had several losses of their family members and an auto accident. They are okay.

The sun shines brightest after the rain… 

Congratulations …

Irene Shanley’s nephew Billy Reyer was promoted to Master Sargeant in the USAF!

Steve and Dawne Sutherland’s grandson Luke Sutherland is a fifth grader in Franklin, Tennessee. He wanted to be elected to the student council. All candidates were required to give a speech at assembly on some pledge, patriotic theme or creed before the election. Luke chose to speak on the first and last lines of the Jaycee Creed. He was elected

New Senator ~ Angie Catarelli #80780 ~ Congratulations!!!

New Senator ~ Mimi Michels #80723 ~ Congratulations!!!

New Senator ~ Marilyn Hattaway #80722 ~ Congratulations!!!

New Senator ~ Maria Meesit #80642 ~ Congratulations!!!

BJ Craft for being awarded the Jerry Godwin Memorial Award from NVP Larry McQuirter.