Larry Ackerman Memorial Award

Larry Ackerman was born on March 27, 1956. He joined the Palmetto Jaycees in 1981. Larry served all positions on the Palmetto Jaycees Board including President, he then went on to serve as the Florida Jaycees Regional Director of Region 10.  He chaired the Palmetto Jaycees fair booth for 15 years and was the Clubhouse Director.  Larry lead many infamous chapter visitations, and was proficient in acquiring many creeds. Larry was awarded his Senatorship #51468 in 1993.  In 2007 he was the Florida Jaycees First Man, while his wife Caryn “CC” Ackerman  #62039 , served as President of the Florida Jaycees.
In the Fl JCI Senate he served many positions while he climbed the ladder, including Administrative VP, Membership VP, and Management VP.  Larry was known for his cooking, especially for large groups! He chaired the FL JCI Senate BASH several times. He also was instrumental as the Hospitality Chairman for USJCI Senate Meetings that were hosted by the FLJCI Senate, the last one in January 2018. Larry was a two time Homer Sheppard Memorial Award winner.  In 2010-2011, Larry Ackerman served as the 41st President of the FLJCI Senate.
Larry passed away suddenly at his home on March 4, 2018.
In 2018 President William “Bill” Hossman #41293 presented the 1st Larry Ackerman Memorial Award to Bianca Deal #71182.
This award is selected by the Outgoing FLJCI Senate president and presented to the Most Outstanding Senator of the year. It is an honor to receive a Larry Ackerman Memorial award.

Larry Ackerman Award Winners: 

2017-2018 ~ Bianca Deal #71182

2018-2019 ~ BJ Craft #45900

2019-2020 ~ Rob #42680 and Marge #54671 Saunders

2020-2021 ~ William “Bill” Hossman #41293

2021-2022 ~ Jay Edmondson #41977