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National has a SOAR (Senate Outreach Activation Retention) Program of which Reach the Beach
(https://www.usjcisenate.org/quick-links/senate-programs/s-o-a-r-senate-outreach-activation-retention/soar-program-overview) is one of the components. It is designed to encourage the visitation to local, region, state and national Jaycee and Senate meetings and socials via the solicitation of photographs of Senators while displaying next June’s National Convention logo.
I thought it might be fun to adopt our own such program in Florida and encourage  participation in our own regional and state meetings by promoting and displaying President Dawne’s “Because We Still Believe” logo.
Photos must include a minimum of three Senators who are not elected officers of the Florida JCI Senate (elected officers can be included in excess of the three non elected)
Photos should display the “Because We Still Believe” logo. (Attached)
Try to make the photos fun, creative, outlandish, quirky, or any other manner of uniqueness.
Submit these photos to me and I will get them posted in an upcoming Chambers newsletter. Send pictures as actual size – not reduced size. Hopefully we will get enough and perhaps do a bit of judging at year end!
You are still free to participate in Reach the Beach, so let’s have some picture taking fun!
Mel Fickas
Activation Chairman

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Florida Jaycee Alumni Page  ~This is not a Senate run page, but may be helpful in reconnecting with your old Jaycee friends throughout the State.