Year End 2017-2018

The TAP crew… toasting with Klondike bars???
Jay Edmondson, Ken Clements and Rob Saunders
Debra Jean “The Queen” Gronvold
These ladies all woke up early to watch the Royal Wedding together in the hotel lobby.
First Lady Rebecca Propst and Mike Ringel
Mike Ringel and Caryn “CC” Ackerman
NVP Mike Ringel and Past USJCI Senate President, Pat Hoelker
Oh No!! It’s Mr. Bill
Jay Edmondson, Willie Orr and Mark Brandel having fun!
Ron Whitmore presenting senatorship to Patricia Plount
New Senator, Patricia Plount #77018
Pat Hoelker and President Bill Hossman
Pat Hoelker swearing in the 2018-2019 Board
Full House
President Bill
Pat Caruso and CC Ackerman
Passing of the gavel.
President Elect Bianca Deal